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Studies confirming the positive results of the NYUCI

Over 30 years of research at NYU has proven that spouse-caregivers participating in the 6-session NYU Caregiver Intervention were able to delay placement of their family member into a nursing home by an average of 1.5 years, while also decreases their own levels of depression. As a result of these and many other research studies, the NYU Caregiver Intervention is recognized nationally and internationally.

Who are the counselors?

NYUCI clinicians include licensed social workers, counselors, nurses, psychologists, occupational therapists, and doctors.

The clinicians have been trained and certified to provide the NYUCI to family caregivers of people with Alzheimer’s disease, in-person and online. They are dedicated to helping families cope with this difficult illness.

When you register, you’ll be able to view the profiles of the counselors, including the areas in which they practice, and the insurance plans they accept.

Expanding access with technology

Until now, the NYUCI has only been available in-person. This requires everyone to meet together in the same location, usually the office of the counselor.

Video conferencing opens up a new way for you to communicate with your family. The new technology makes it possible for families to receive the NYUCI - any place and any time that is convenient.

What’s included in the NYUCI? (details)

Introductory Meeting: Getting to Know You

The NYUCI is designed to respond to your caregiving expectations and needs.  Your counselor will use a comprehensive questionnaire to learn about your background, your role as a caregiver, your family, and the person with Alzheimer’s disease. You will have an opportunity to discuss thoughts triggered by the questionnaire about how caregiving has affected your life, your relationship with your spouse, your family and friends.

One-on-One Meeting with Your Counselor

Why choose the NYUCI?

  • Award-winning program

The NYUCI is an award-winning program developed by experts in dementia to help spouses and partners caring for people with dementia.

  • 6 individualized counseling sessions

6 individualized counseling sessions over a short period of time provide years of ongoing benefits.

If you have dementia…

  • We suggest you tell your spouse, partner, or adult children about this website.
  • We also recommend contacting the Alzheimer's Association, an organization that provides support for individuals with dementia and their family members. The local Alzheimer’s Association offers support groups, information and other resources and referrals.

You can ALWAYS contact them –

Adult children (or other family members and close friends) of a person with dementia

Dementia affects the entire circle of people close to the person with dementia, taking an emotional toll on all, not just the primary caregiver. They often try to make life easier for the caregiver, but may need expert advice on how best to do so. The NYUCI can reduce the toll on everyone.

This program is designed for spouses and partners of people with dementia whose family members and friends would like to be involved in mutual support.


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