Adult children (or other family members and close friends) of a person with dementia

Dementia affects the entire circle of people close to the person with dementia, taking an emotional toll on all, not just the primary caregiver. They often try to make life easier for the caregiver, but may need expert advice on how best to do so. The NYUCI can reduce the toll on everyone.

This program is designed for spouses and partners of people with dementia whose family members and friends would like to be involved in mutual support.

Meeting together with the caregiver and the counselor online, family members and friends --no matter where they live--can benefit from the mutual support that they develop through this program.

The first step is to encourage the primary caregiver to visit this website so that he or she can learn about the benefits of the NYUCI.  

In the future this program may be made available to families in which the primary caregiver is an adult child or other relative.