“When we first learned of Carolyn's Alzheimer's, I felt like my world was crashing down around me. I worried a lot about how I was going to take care of Carolyn.

Then, a friend of ours told us about the NYU Caregiver Intervention program. At first, I thought it wasn't for us—we have a lot of good friends, and I didn't think we would need ‘outsiders’. But, as Carolyn became more dependent on me, it felt like my days were just getting longer and longer. So I finally called, and my only regret is that I didn't call earlier.

Our counselor is really in tune with our family. He helped me figure out how my family and friends could help me and Carolyn, and he really made me see that even though taking care of someone with Alzheimer's can be hard, there are lots of ways to ease the burden. We've always been a close family, but I feel like the NYU Caregiver Intervention has brought us all even closer.”

Charlie Wilson

New York City