Providing the NYUCI Telehealth Counseling Program: What to Expect

Counselor FAQs

The NYUCI helps the primary caregiver--the spouse or partner--by involving family members in mutual support. There are several components to the intervention protocol, which include individual counseling, family counseling, and ongoing, intermittent telephone counseling as needed, or “ad hoc” counseling. To be eligible to provide the NYUCI Telehealth Counseling Program to caregivers and families, you must first be trained and certified in the NYUCI itself. Click here to learn more.

NYUCI-certified counselors take the NYUCI Telehealth Counseling Training Program to learn how to provide the intervention via telehealth technology. Every step of the NYUCI timeline can be completed using videoconferencing, from initial contact through the follow-up assessments. After you register as an NYUCI-certified counselor, you will have access to the telehealth training program; upon completion of that training, you will receive information on how to make appointments and bill for sessions.

The NYUCI Telehealth Counseling Program gives families who are dispersed in various locales the opportunity to come together to support the primary caregiver. For instance, a caregiver may live in Vermont, and his adult children, who wish to participate in the intervention, may live in New York and California. The counselor, who must be licensed to practice in the state where the caregiver resides, first connects with the client caregiver, via videoconferencing, for the intake assessment and the first individual session. After the initial session, the counselor, caregiver and family members meet together through the same technology. A caregiver must have a participating family member (or person close enough to consider a family member) to be eligible for the intervention.

Once the intervention has come to a formal close—i.e., after the family counseling sessions and the second individual session have been completed—the counselor follows up with the caregiver by administering assessments every four months during the first year after enrollment, and every six months thereafter.

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