Counselor FAQs

We are pleased to provide you with this comprehensive list of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) for counselors.

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Who is running the project and what would be my relationship to the company?

Healthcare Interactive (HCI) does oversight and quality assurance for the NYUCI Telehealth Dementia-Care Program. You will work with HCI as an idependent contractor.

Who determines the content?

HCI, working with the NYUCI founders, determines the content for the web site. HCI maintains the site.

Can I add or change anything on the site?

You can change your profile as needed.

Am I obligated to accept any client who chooses me?

You are not obligated to accept a client that chooses you; however, we anticipate that our providers will be as helpful as possible to those in need.

Are there any specific rules around completion of the protocol or termination of the process?

The evidence suggests that completing the profile will produce the best outcomes.

Do I need to use the scales provided?

We recommend using those scales because they represent a comprehensive assessment and provide a full picture of the family.

What support can I expect from HCI or other person or body?

HCI will provide technical support; in addition, we anticipate launching an online support community.  

Can I expect to be reimbursed by insurance?

Reimbursement is determined on a case-by-case basis, depending on the client’s insurance plan.

Will there be advertising to bring clients to the site?

We will be using a variety of promotional strategies.

Can I withdraw my name from the program at any time?

Yes. We would appreciate your feedback if you decide to do so.

Is there a recommended fee scale?

We suggest you charge fees that are standard for your profession for in-person counseling in the area where you practice.

I am concerned that sessions will require more than typical therapy sessions. Can I charge extra?

Family sessions typically run longer than individual sessions, so you can adjust your fees accordingly.

How can I communicate with other NYUCI telehealth providers?

We will be connecting people via a variety of social media sites

Are there any legalities I should be concerned about when working on line?

You will need to have a license to practice in the location of the primary caregiver (spouse or partner of the person with dementia).

Do you have guidelines around session cancellation or is it up to the individual provider?

We leave this up to the individual provider.

Is there a mechanism for positive feedback or complaints?

Please use the Contact Us form. We also offer an opportunity to provide a participant review [link].

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