Program Overview

The New York University Caregiver Intervention (NYUCI) is an award-winning program developed for people caring for a spouse or partner with dementia and their family members. Until now, the NYUCI has only been available in person. However, technology now makes it possible to get the benefits of this program via the internet at any place and time that is convenient for the counselors and family members.

The NYUCI is a 6-session counseling program that evolved from the experience of clinicians at New York University School of Medicine. The NYUCI was evaluated in a 20-year randomized, controlled trial funded by the National Institutes of Health. The study found that caregivers who participated in the NYUCI experienced many benefits—including fewer symptoms of depression and stress, as well as better physical health—compared with those who did not participate. They also reported increased satisfaction with the emotional and practical support they received, as well as increased closeness to their families. As a result of the program, many caregivers were able to postpone or avoid placing their spouses in residential care.

The NYUCI is unique, and is recognized nationally and internationally by such organizations as the US Administration on Aging and Alzheimer’s Disease International.

Now available online

John Hobday, founder of Health Care Interactive (HCI), is the developer of the CARES dementia online training program for family members and professional caregivers. Mr. Hobday, Mary S. Mittelman, DrPh, developer of the NYUCI, and Cynthia Epstein, LCSW, senior clinical social worker and implementer of the NYUCI, collaborated to bring the NYUCI to you online, using telehealth technology. The team has a long history of creating programs to help caregivers and people with dementia, and continue to develop innovative and practical strategies to enhance the lives of those coping with this illness. Learn more about the founders here.