How the NYUCI Telehealth Program Can Help Spouses, Partners

Family FAQs

The NYUCI has helped many spouses and partners of people with dementia over the years. Here are some examples of situations in which we've been able to provide support:

"My husband and I have lived together for 40 years and never asked anybody for anything. In fact, we were the ones family and friends came to when there was any kind of problem. We also would babysit the grandkids to give my daughter a rest and because we loved to be with them .But since Joe was diagnosed with Alzheimer's five years ago, it’s all I can do to take care of him and keep up the house.  We can’t babysit now and my kids don't live close by anymore. But even if they did, it is just not my way to ask my kids for help."

"I love my wife. When she got sick I decided that I would do everything for her and I have done that. But sometimes I feel so sad and alone and I know my kids feel bad too, but nobody says anything about what is really happening. It’s ironic, but I can tell my son, who lives far away, the truth. He knows what is going on but is reluctant to talk to his sisters. They never got along that well and they feel he is my favorite. I wish I could have all my kids on the same page. That would make life easier for me. At least I wouldn't have to be dealing with their old stuff from when they were kids. We could use some help."

Is the NYUCI Telehealth Program for You?

If you and your spouse/partner with dementia live together in the community and you are taking care of him/her, you are eligible to participate in the NYUCI telehealth program. Still, you may be wondering whether the program is right for you. You may be concerned that you are so busy you won’t have time to talk to a counselor; you don’t know whether your family will be open to joining you in meetings with a counselor,  and you may not feel comfortable expressing your thoughts and feelings to them. These are valid concerns, but they should not deter you from registering and potentially getting the many benefits this program offers.

The experience of over 400 caregivers in circumstances similar to yours has shown that by giving family members the opportunity to come together at this critical time, the NYUCI can enhance the emotional support family members give each other, including your spouse or partner with dementia and you.

The NYUCI can help you feel better and care better  for the person with dementia. With a counselor’s guidance,  you can get the help and support you really want and need The counselor can help guide discussions to help you avoid the problem many caregivers have—family members offer well intentioned suggestions that you don’t find useful.

The online program will also make it easier for all of you to get together conveniently, no matter where you live. Don’t worry if you are not a techy or a geek. Working online is not difficult once you get the hang of it. If you haven’t already done so, we recommend you read the other pages on this website, including the frequently asked questions (FAQs) page and watch the videos.  If you still aren’t sure and want to talk further before registering for the program, please call 212-263-5728 Monday-Friday between the hours of 9AM and 5PM Eastern time.

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