How the NYUCI Can Help You and Your Parents

When a parent is diagnosed with Alzheimer’s or other memory problem, adult children often become involved in trying to help the ill parent and make life easier for the caregiving parent. Over time, this desire and effort to help can take a toll on the adult child, as he or she tries to take on extra responsibilities. This kind of situation may have brought you to this website.

The NYUCI Telehealth Program can help if your caregiving parent is open to involving family and friends, thereby widening his or her base of support. Explore this web site together to decide whether enrolling in the NYUCI Telehealth Program can work for you. Be aware that if your parent is not accustomed to using the Internet, he or she may need some help from you to get started.

By meeting together online, other family members--no matter where they live--can participate and benefit from the mutual support that can be developed through this program.